Our goal and mission is to help you achieve your dream to study abroad. We are here to help you in the process of selecting a university, applying for studying abroad, and preparing for standardized tests that are often required for a complete application.

The first step in the journey of studying abroad should definitely involve gaining accurate information about the requirements for a successful application and enrolment, as well as understanding what to expect along the way. We are here to guide and support you on this exciting endeavour.


The application process involves a series of steps that must be completed within a specific timeframe and is required for every individual wishing to apply to educational programs at universities abroad.


We offer group and individual prep courses of various length and intensity to suit your needs. Study materials are included in the price.


Filling in the questionnaire helps us help you! The information you provide in the questionnaire enables us to give you specific information and advice.

What is required for a successful application to universities abroad?

For successful application to universities in the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and European Union universities offering programs in English, we recommend timely preparation for standardized exams. There are several standardized English language exams, but among the most popular and sought-after ones are IELTS, TOEFL, and more recently, Duolingo.

The application period for universities lasts from the opening date of applications to the deadline for document submission and application closure. During this period, it is necessary to submit the required documentation and exam results.

The application process may vary in complexity depending on the university and country. Common requirements include official translations of certificates or diplomas, motivational letters, letters of recommendation, language certificates, and other standardized exams (such as GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc.).

For more specific steps on how to apply to universities in America, please visit our website.

Which exams do I need to take and for what purpose?

Almost all English language programs will require the submission of language proficiency exam results. The most well-known and commonly requested language certificates are TOEFL and IELTS, and more recently, the Duolingo English Test. These exams are similar in terms of the skills they test, but their structure and implementation differ significantly.

Some study programs, especially at the graduate, master’s, or other postgraduate levels, may also require exams such as GMAT and GRE (especially in fields like economics, business, management, psychology, sociology, etc.).

For undergraduate studies (pursued after high school), in addition to the necessary State Matura exam results, additional exams such as SAT, BMAT, or UCAT (prerequisites for medicine, dentistry, veterinary, and related studies) may be required. Some programs also have their own entrance exams or evaluate content proficiency through an analysis of the high school curriculum (in such cases, extensive documentation needs to be provided).

Of course, interviews are a common part of applications at the graduate and postgraduate levels. In addition to standard interview questions, you may also be assessed for your knowledge. Therefore, we recommend thorough interview preparation.

How can we help you?

Years of experience and the success of numerous candidates testify to our work.

Transparency: A well-coordinated team of experienced tutors.

Thoroughness and dedication to our task.

Always at your service – our team strives to fully adapt to the demands and needs of our students.

Individualized support throughout the application process for studying abroad and exam preparation.

In addition to free information through free consultations, we also provide expert guidance and assistance at every step of the application and standardized exam preparation process.

Achieving your dream to study abroad- steps:

1. Get Informed! Request free consultations!
2. Assistance in choosing university programs.
3. Defining admission requirements and preparation for standardized tests.
4. Guidance in the documentation collection and application process.
5. Assistance in writing necessary application content (motivational letter, statement of purpose, recommendation letter, CV) and interview prep.

TOEFL preparation
Studying in the USA

Arte Et Marte is a team of young and enthusiastic experts with extensive experience in standardised test preparation and education consulting for studying abroad.

Our training and consulting center is characterised by a professional and dedicated approach to work. We prioritise the satisfaction of our participants, and therefore, our team focuses on accessibility and trust in building relationships with them.

Experiences of our participants!

Iva’s professional guidance significantly helped me through my preparation for the IELTS exam. She is a skillful teacher and very friendly and warm person, which all together makes for a great learning environment. I enjoyed my classes with her and I would absolutely recommend Arte et Marte to anyone taking IELTS. Thank you for helping me sharpen up my English!

Laura Pavičić

I would recommend Arte et Marte for anyone who is preparing for take the IELTS exam. Thanks a lot to professor Ana who led me through classes and helped me in developing new skills. The classes were extremely professional, organized and helpful which resulted in getting even better score than I prepared for.

Marta Šarić

Amazing experience! Teacher Iva was brilliant and so helpful. The IELTS exam course helped me to fulfill my professional goals. A big thank you to Iva and Arte et Marte!

Ingrid Paponja

I would absolutely recommend Arte et Marte if anyone is planning to take the IELTS exam. Before the classes, I was not confident about my English. However, due to the classes (which I had only 8 times!), I learnt many things and skills which lead me to a great score! Also, the teachers are very nice and my teacher really helped me to improve my English skills. Thank you!!

Young Kim

Tečaj je bio odličan a Krešimir Grubelić kao predavač izvrstan. Kroz tečaj sam savladala metodologiju IELTS testa, dodatnim zadacima obogatila vokabular, naučila strukturirano pisati eseje, vježbati speaking. Mislim da smo vrlo sadržajno prošli kroz sva potrebna područja i da ste mi dali dobru osnovu kako da i dalje razvijam znanje engleskog jezika. Veliko hvala Vama i timu!

Marina Puljiz

Sve pohvale za školu Arte et Marte, posebice za profesoricu Ivu. Profesionalnost, stručnost i pristupačnost za visokoj razini. Bilo mi je izrazito ugodno raditi s njima. Topla preporuka za sve koji trebaju pripremu za IELTS-a.

Katarina Ćorić

I would highly recommend Arte et Marte to anyone who plans to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam. Other than the amazing teacher who prepared me for my exam, the materials they use with a various number of tasks, examples and exercises allowed me to be ready for any kind of questions. The score I got was way higher than required for my college application. Also, the teacher I had the pleasure of working with was incredibly kind and other than seeing a teacher in her, I saw a friend. With all that being said, definitely go there and you won't regret it!

Laura Skala

Ne znam što bih rekla, a da već nije napisano za Ivu, ali svejedno ću ponoviti. Jako profesionalan, stručan i topao pristup. Od prvog razgovora, kroz cijele pripreme, sve do IELTS-a i postizanja odličnih rezultata koje velikim dijelom pripisujem njoj i cjelokupnom trudu koji je uložila. Svakako za online i offline preporuku dalje. Drago mi je da je Arte et Marte bio dio moga puta ? Iva, još jednom jedno veliko, veliko hvala ?

Barbara Osmec

Imao sam jako malo vremena za pripremu IELTS ispita, no unatoč tome ostvario sam više nego dobre rezultate. Sve zasluge idu profesorici Ivi koja je jako srdačna i pristupačna osoba, no prije svega jako profesionalna u svom poslu. Iskrene preporuke!!

Ivan Trlin

Same pohvale za temeljitost, strukturu nastave i predanost profesorice Ive koja je uvelike doprinijela cijelom procesu tijekom moje prijave za master u UK. Pocevsi sa pripremama za IELTS, savjeta i pisanja motivacijskog pisma, poslovna izvrsnost nije izostala, pa su tako i rezultati bili vise nego zadovoljavajuć. Osobni napredak kao i ostvarenje svog cilja je zasigurno, iskrena preporuka!

Sunčica Mislov

Osim izvrsnog rezultata na IELTS-u,CV-a i motivacijskog pisma dobila sam i dozu samopouzdanja i osjećaj da je nekome stvarno stalo da izvuče najbolje iz mene. Hvala Iva,hvala A&M!

Ana Marija Kashwa

Pripremala sam se u Londonu i nakon toga u Zagrebu s profesoricom Ivom Hladnik. U usporedbi s pripremama u Londonu, pripreme su bile puno detaljnije, kvalitetnije i ono što je najbitnije uspješnije. U samo 8 sati uz pomoć profesorice uspjela sam ispraviti greške i fokusirati se na metode za postizanje željene ocjene. Svakako bih preporučila hrvatskim govornicima pripreme u Zagrebu, prije onih u inozemstvu.

Laura Jurčević