In order to successfully apply to colleges in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and EU colleges with programs in English, we recommend a timely preparation as the time period for application submission starts with the submission opening date and ends with the final day of documentation submission. In most cases this period is several months long. If you want to learn more about how to enroll to a college in the US, you can read about it on our blog.


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Please follow these steps:

1. Prepare application documentation

Preparing application documentation usually consists of opening a user account on the university’s website, filling out the application form, and collecting additional application documentation: CV, essay, motivational letter (Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose), referral letters, answering specific questions each university might have, and educational documents.

We recommend that you start with a timely creation of your user account on the university’s website to get familiar with any specifics on the application form as well as any special conditions the university might have. Next step is to fill in all known and available information and start collecting additional application documentation.

Additional application documentation is usually comprised of:
-essay, motivational letter (Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose),
-referral letter,
-answers to specific questions each university might ask,
-transcript/translation of educational documents.

CV writing

CV gives your application to study abroad a complete timeline of all your accomplishments and interests. It includes information about education, work experience, sports or other achievements, acquired skills, knowledge of foreign languages, and private interests. You should adapt the CV to the program or university you are applying to.

Essay writing

Most universities abroad request their candidates to write one or more essays as part of the application process. Questions differ between universities, but they are most commonly related to motivation for certain studies, type of studying program you are applying to, or how the selected program fits in your long-term goals. Essay is one of the more important parts of the application because it gives you the opportunity to prove why you are the right candidate for the university in question. Universities are using essays to evaluate your communication, writing and organization skills, academic capacity, and intellectual maturity.

Motivational letter (Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose)

Motivational letter is your platform to explain why you are the best candidate for the program you are applying to. You need to mention your relevant knowledge, skills, and interests, why you want to enroll in the program, and how it fits in your long-term goals. You may also explicate in what way will your experiences contribute to the already diverse student community of the college you are applying to. Take enough time to deliberate what you want to express in your essay and to find the best way to get that message across. Keep in mind the technical parameters of essay writing, clear and concise expression of ideas, word count restriction, as well as the letter size and font. If you are quoting someone, be honest and list your sources.


It is important to have a recommendation from a person, professor, coach, or a mentor who know you well enough to provide a solid argument for providing it. Text of the recommendation should speak clearly about your knowledge, abilities, skills, and achievements.

Our Center for training and counseling Arte et Marte offers professional help with either specific parts of your application or the entire application process for universities in Croatia and abroad. Contact us!

2. Take standardized tests

Internationally accredited standardized tests are often a part of the application process and one of the conditions for enrolling to a college abroad, as well as receiving a work permit. Standardized tests measure knowledge, abilities or skills (e.g. foreign language, math, medicine, business language, etc.). Depending on the university and country of employment, you will have to take one or more standardized tests. When applying to educational programs abroad, most common tests are related to the knowledge of the language of your selected program.

Standardized tests results are usually submitted along with complete documentation before the university application’s final deadline. It is possible to take standardized tests after the final deadline, but only in extraordinary circumstances.

These are the most common standardized tests required to enroll to an undergraduate study abroad:
– TOEFL, IELTS Academic and SAT
These are the most common standardized tests required to enroll to a graduate and postgraduate study abroad:
– TOEFL, IELTS Academic, GMAT or GRE.

If you want to pass your tests, we encourage you to take preparation courses in order to gain the experience of test taking and to be well prepared for the actual test.

At our Center for training and counseling Arte et Marte, we also offer information, counseling, and individual and group training for the following standardized tests: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, and GRE.

We use tested principals and methods in our teaching and counseling, acquired and perfected through years of pedagogical and methodical work. Group classes are organized in small groups at agreed upon times, and our professors still manage to keep an individual approach with students. We believe it is our job to provide you with the help you need in a comfortable and relaxed work atmosphere.

We put the emphasis on progress measurement, therefore we recommend you to take a trial test before starting the course, and an exit test at the end of the course (both are included in the course price). During the course we are using authentic materials, which familiarize you with all exam specifics.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website and price list, feel free to contact us and we will come up with a solution together.

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3. Submit additional documentation to the administration center in the designated time period

It is important to write or gather all requested documents and have them translated or notarized where necessary. You can send the documents via post or scan them and send them via email.

4. Interview

After successful completion of all previous steps in the application process, some universities will invite you for an interview. The interview is handled by one or more representatives of the university/educational program either in person or via phone/Internet. This is a very important step in the application process for studying abroad and it requires serious consideration, preparation, and training.
The interview evaluates candidate’s personality, communication skills, and the skill to present himself in a foreign language. Assessment encompasses nonverbal communication, gesticulation, and body language. Questions are often related to information listed in the application form, but can also include additional questions pertaining to motivation, contribution to the university, and long term life goals. Since the interview is happening ‘’live’’, it is important to think ahead and meticulously prepare for possible questions.

At our Center for training and counseling Arte et Marte we offer professional help with interview preparation. Training involves preparation and practicing answers to typical questions which come up in these types of interviews, introduces the patterns of nonverbal communication and composure in unpredictable situations.


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