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Arte Et Marte is a team of young and enthusiastic experts with extensive experience in preparation for standardized tests of proficiency in English, like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, and GMAT, as well as consulting services for studying abroad. Our center for training and counseling is renowned for its professional and committed work. Your satisfaction comes first, which is why we build the relationship with our students on the foundation of openness and trust.

We have one simple philosophy: do whatever it takes to get you to your goal. Apart from your knowledge assessment, we also provide a free personalized recommendation regarding the dynamics and the type of lessons to target your needs, as well as information about extra criterions that need to be met to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your goal is our goal!

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We use tried principles and methods in our teaching and consulting, which we adopted and perfected through years of pedagogical and methodical work. We use carefully selected materials of the highest quality in our classes. Class structure and combination of regular and additional assignments are always adapted to the needs of the group or an individual student. It is important to mention that all of our class and independent work materials are almost identical to exam tasks, as confirmed by our students.
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About us

What do our students have to say about us?

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Words cannot express how much I appreciate your dedicated work, individual approach to students, and above all, the professors’ vast knowledge. After several months of hard work, I managed to achieve outstanding results at SAT Reasoning, SAT Subjects, and TOEFL. You helped me with the application process as well, and I fulfilled my dream of being accepted to Harvard!

Nika BeškerHarvard College, U.S.A., Economics

Maroje Šarenac enrolled in Lindenwood University Belleville, USA to study Marketing.
Congratulations to professor Kornelija and professor Iva, who put in a lot of knowledge, will, and effort to prepare my son Maroje for taking SAT and TOEFL tests. Their persistence, support, and improvement tracking have contributed to Maroje’s outstanding results which enabled him to enroll in Lindenwood University in Belleville, Illinois, USA.

Maroje also got accepted to the Stony Brook University in New York.
Many thanks to his mentors Kornelija and Iva.

Marojeva mama, Edita ŠarenacMaroje Šarenac , Lindenwood University Belleville, U.S.A. Marketing

I attended the individual course for IELTS exam. We worked in a comfortable environment in a fun and interactive way. The professor supported me from the beginning to the end of preparations. I like that they had realistic expectations which proved correct in the end. With their help and my work at home (doing homework), I achieved an excellent result on my IELTS exam!

Cannot decide where to study abroad? You do not know if you would rather study in the US, Ireland, Italy or Denmark? You do not know which tests you need for enrollment? Solve this quiz and we can help you choose!

Frida Franić

Taking a course in Arte Et Marte was one of my smartest decisions. One of the prerequisites to enroll into a foreign university was the IELTS exam. Not wanting to leave the preparation and success at the mercy of my (lack of) discipline, I decided to follow a recommendation and take a preparatory course in Arte et Marte. The vibe was great, teachers nice and professional, and results amazing! If you need any English language certificate, but are unsure about your skill or don't want to leave it to chance, I strongly recommend this school!

Adriana Mijačika

Although I had very little time to prepare, Iva and her team successfully managed to get me on track for college readiness. Before taking the SAT and TOEFL I was really happy about having a teacher who was not just able to give me truly helpful tips during lessons but also answered any question and was there for me to support me nearly all the time. Hardly to imagine what I would have done without the competent teaching lessons as well as the very test-based and helpful material I received from Arte et Marte. Thank you again for the great service!

Lukas Kanther

A big thank you to Kornelija for her guidance, dedicated step-by-step individual approach throughout the enrollment procedure, and a perfect preparation for the TOEFL exam. From the very start, our son Marko and we felt we are in safe hands, the whole procedure and success formula were clearly explained to us: the candidate and mentor give their very best, together.
With Kornelija's selfless help and 24 hour availability, Marko fulfilled hie dream - being accepted at the UCD in Dublin. Marko enrolled into the Engineering programme (level 8) at the University College of Dublin.

Marko ČavužićUniversity College of Dublin

Arte et Marte, and especially my teacher Kornelija, were an enormous help on my way to success and enrollment in the Medical innovation and Enterprise, University College London. Individual courses for SAT and TOEFL exams visibly improved my English. With a great vibe and constant support from my teacher, it wasn't too difficult to solve various problems and homework. 🙂 I would recommend Arte et Marte to everyone wishing to study abroad or improve their English.

Barbara SingerMedical innovation and Enterprise, UCL

Svakako bih preporucila Arte et Marte svima koji zele upisati fakultet u inozemstvu. Iva i Kornelija su odlicne profesorice koje se maksimalno trude i poticu svoje ucenike na rad i napredak, sto se na kraju vidi i po rezultatima!

Katja KomazecPolitics, Psychology, Law and Economics, University of Amsterdam, Nizozemska

Moram izrazito pohvaliti način rada u školi. Mislim da se efikasnost rada može vidjeti u mom napretku pričanja, pisanja i razumijevanja engleskog jezika. Jako mi se sviđa pristup i način predavanja. Prije nego što sam krenuo na predavanja u školu moj engleski je bio prosječan s puno grešaka u pričanju i pisanju. Sada se vidi ogroman napredak, pogotovo u pričanju. Mogu reći samo riječi hvale što se tiče moga iskustva u školi!

Tin OreškovićTrinity College Dublin, Irska

We are grateful to Kornelija - she helped my sister and me achieve great progress on our TOEFL and SAT tests! Excellent courses with a professional and motivating approach in a great working environment. I would recommend Arte et Marte for sure!

Sofia Vagajastudent

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Dreaming of stuying in the USA?

First of all, do not fear it’s impossible or way too complicated to even think of. Applying for US Universities is a complex and demanding process, but an increasing number of young people go for it and succeed!

Contact us so we could fulfill your american dream!

How to get accepted at US Universities

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We recommend a timely preparation in order to get accepted in to Universities in the USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland and other universities. Applications are accepted within a narrow time window.

The application process spans a series of steps to be fulfilled in a time frame, for any individual wanting to enroll into study programmes abroad. The first step is filling in the application forms, the details of which you can find on our web site.

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