GRE is a standardised test, frequently used to enroll into graduate and postgraduate university courses abroad, as well as many internatinal study programmes.

The GRE test comes in two varieties:

GRE General test which consistis of a written essay part (Analytical Writing), the language part (Verbal Reasoning), and the mathematical part (Quantitative Reasoning). GRE revised General test, which you can take in Croatia, is “computer based”, and is taken on a computer in an official GRE revised General test administration centre. The GRE General test takes 4 hours wiah a 10 minute breaks after the third part. After all other parts, commonly there is a 1 minute break.

GRE Subject test is required for graduate and PhD programmes in teh United States. A list of specific GRE Subject tests you may have to take depends on the programme you’d like to enroll in. Some universities have no GRE Subject tests as prerequisites, but your GRE Subject test score can bring an advantage and extra points during your application’s evaluation. There are 8 kinds of GRE Subject tests: Biochemistry and molecular biology, Biology, Chemistray, Computer Science, English literature, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. GRE Subject tests are “paper based” and are taken in written form on paper, at the official GRE Subject test administration centre.

GRE General test structure

Component Duration Assignment Type
Essay writing (Analytical Writing) 60 minutes Consists of two tasks: Issue analysis (30 minutes) and Argument analysis (30 minutes). Your analytical and critical thinking are evaluated in this part, with an accent on clear and efficient articulation of compley ideas.
Language (Verbal Reasoning) 60 minutes This part tests your comprehension, synthesis and verbal skills.
Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning) 70 minutes This part tests your problem solving, focusing on basic concepts in arithmetics, algebra and data analysis.


You can apply for the GRE revised General test and GRE Subject tests by mail or by signing up for an account at There, you canread more on schedules and locations.

Testing centres

The American international school in Zagreb (Američka međunarodna škola u Zagrebu)
Damira Tomljanovića Gavrana, 10000 Zagreb
Tel.: +385 (0) 1 4680-133
Faks: + 385 (0) 1 4680-171

Test schedule

Tests for the GRE revised General test take place once or twice a week, but GRE Subject tests only 3 times every year. FOr a full schedule, please visit this page:

Every candidate my take the GRE revised General test once every 21 days, and at most 5 times in 12 months. This rule applies even if you cancelled your previous results. You may attempt a GRE Subject test an unlimited number of times.


GRE revised General test: 205 USD
GRE Subject test: 150 USD

For a full price list of all offered services, follow this link:

Results from GRE General i GRE Subject tests

All participants of a GRE revised General test can either cancel their results or accept their grading. Those who choose grading will receive three forms of results:
-Unofficial Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning score – every candidate will have a full report of their Verbal and Quantitative reasoning parts, immediately upon the test finishes. This unofficial score does not contain the final grading of the Analytical Writing part.
-Online Scores – every candidate will be able to see their final result within 10-15 days after taking the test, at
-Official Score Report – a certificate with official results of all test components is sent to the institutions the candidate registered to receive them, in the form the institution accepts (printed, electronic, or on a CD). Results are sent within 10-15 days after the test, and the exact delivery date depends on the delivery location (for printed results or CDs).

Official GRE results are available online for 6 weeks from the test date, and within that period they are sent to all institutions teh candidate registered to receive them.

Every candidate may register 4 institutions to receive the result certificate (Official Score Report), free of charge. The candidate must register those institutions on the day they are taking the GRE revised General test (at the very beginning), and for GRE Subject tests, the registration is done during application and test payment.

For late registrations or additional certificate requests (Additional Score Reports), the candidate should apply online, by phone, mail or fax, and pay a fee proportional to the number of additional institutions (25 USD per certificate).

Result validity

GRE test results are valid 5 years after taking the test.

How to prep for GRE?

We recommend taking a preparatory course early enough to gather experience and prepare well for the test itself. In order to reach the desired result, besides comprehension and communication in English, knowing and mastering specific techniques may help you score higher.

Arte et Marte’s preparatory courses provide a high quality and complete preparation to help you apply and take the GRE test. They include free materials (books and multimedia) for all participants. The course will advance the skills that will be put to the test at GRE, but even more importantnly, it will help you master the technique required to take this test. Some of these are specific listening and reading techniques or information spotting, and some focus on taking notes efficiently during the reading, speaking and writing parts.

We use well established principles and methods, devised and perfected through years of pedagogical and methodical work. We only work with small groups, we’re flexible when scheduling time slots, and our teachers keep the same individual approach to participants. Our task is to provide the necessary help in a comfortable and relaxed working environment.

A measurable progress is paramount, so we recommend taking entrance and final exams with your course (both are included in the course price). Subsequent group or individual preparation will focus on honing the skill where you scored lower.
We use real and up to date materials, and all participants get their opportunity to acquaint themselves completely with all specifics of the test. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or price list, please contact us, and we will find a solution for you..

Depending on your needs, skills and available time, we offer you the following course varieties:

GRE group prep courses


Regular courses are an ideal choice for those used to working in a group, in a relatively short period. This course takes an optimal approach, by dynamics and intensity, in order to give enough attention to all language skills and problem types from the test. It will prepare you for the mathematical and language parts of the exam, but you must be ready to spend some time working on your own as well.


An intensive course is aimed at those participants who want a detailed preparation, and/or have less time to work on their own, and/or have scored low on the entrance exam but need a big improvement to meet their goal. The intensive course comprises 63 lessons and provides enough time to review grammar, boost all language skills and go through question types that will appear in the test. This course will prepare you for the mathematical and language parts of the exam, but you must be ready to spend some time working on your own as well.

GRE individual prep courses


This course is for those who prefer an individual approach, their teacher’s full attention and support, high quality materials and multimedia. Schedule, content and dynamics are tailored for the students and their aimed score.


Prep module is for students who need to raise their score on only one or maximum two skills on the test. Lessons schedule, content and dynamics are tailored in line with student’s pace and aimed score.

We accept max. 5 participants in each group!
Course materials, entrance and final exams are free!
For more information and inscription, please contact us.



Regular course (54 lessons) Intensive course (63 lessons) Individual course (40 lessons) Individual module (12 lessons)
GRE 2.690 3.190 6.990 2.490

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