Arte Et Marte is a team of young and enthusiastic experts with extensive experience in preparation for standardized tests of proficiency in English, like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, and GMAT, as well as consulting services for studying abroad. Our center for training and counseling is renowned for its professional and committed work. Your satisfaction comes first, which is why we build the relationship with our students on openness and trust.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate your dedicated work, individual approach to students, and above all, the professors’ vast knowledge. After several months of hard work, I managed to achieve outstanding results at SAT Reasoning, SAT Subjects, and TOEFL. You helped me with the application process as well, and I fulfilled my dream of being accepted to Harvard!

Nika Bešker Harvard College, USA, Economics

Congratulations to professor Kornelija and professor Iva, who put in a lot of knowledge, will, and effort to prepare my son Maroje for taking SAT and TOEFL tests. Their persistence, support, and improvement tracking have contributed to Maroje’s outstanding results which enabled him to enroll in Lindenwood University in Belleville, Illinois, USA.
Maroje also got accepted to the Stony Brook University in New York.
Many thanks to his mentors Kornelija and Iva.

Maroje’s mother, Edita ŠarenacMaroje Šarenac enrolled in Lindenwood University Belleville, USA to study Marketing

I attended the individual course for IELTS exam. We worked in a comfortable environment in a fun and interactive way. The professor supported me from the beginning to the end of preparations. I like that they had realistic expectations which proved correct in the end. With their help and my work at home (doing homework), I achieved an excellent result on my IELTS exam!

Frida FranićIELTS test

Why choose Arte et Marte?

Your goal is our goal!

We consider our students’ success our own (because it is!) and our greatest motivation is knowing that we contribute to someone’s dreams and better life, all through our work.

An individual approach to each student!

Strategic decisions are based on an overall evaluation of your knowledge, affinity, needs, capabilities and your psychological profile. That’s why our service really is tailored to each student’s specific needs.

We are your die-hard fans!

What sets us apart from competition is how we respect your time and deadlines, convey all information and obligations, provide constant support, and remind you timely of your duties.

Meet our team

Iva Hladnik

Iva Hladnik


Iva Hladnik is an Italian and English language and literature professor, a yoga instructor, and a remarkable tango dancer. As a result of her rich experience, you will glide your way to a broader vocabulary, which she is particularly insistent on. Iva believes that confidence is the key for success and if you follow her detailed preparation approach, you will readily face all challenges that standardized tests put in front of you. You need to be very analytical when solving grammar exercises, and Iva’s approach will help you build a firm focus to help you with that. Let us just say that you will be very zen on your exam day.

Kornelija Gorup

Kornelija Gorup


Kornelija Gorup is a professor of English language and literature and History. She is familiar with all types of translation. She has been teaching for years and she is always a fecund source of great essay ideas, considering her extensive general knowledge. Kornelija puts special emphasis on fluency in both spoken and written expression, as well as encouraging critical thinking and clear idea sharing. Standardized tests often require you to defend your opinion and Kornelija will help you efficiently synthesize information and clearly articulate your arguments. She prepares her students like a general prepares his troops for battle and you can put your faith in her leadership.

Jure Dragović

Jure Dragović

Master of Physics

Successful and timely preparation for studying or working abroad is not quantum physics, but even if it was, it would not pose a problem for Jure Dragović. Master of physics from Faculty of Science in Zagreb built his teaching experience during his studies by tutoring physics and math, only to later take on a role of a teaching assistant at his Faculty. Physicists are trained to approach every problem with creativity, focus and persistence, which is a set of skills you want your tutor to have if you come across any math or motivation problems. He often collaborates with colleagues abroad, which makes him a good candidate to work with both domestic and foreign students. He is a tutor who understands what you are up against, always ready to approach each student individually with a positive attitude and open ears to all your questions.

Natali Nakić

Natali Nakić

Master of Chemistry

Natali Nakić graduated chemistry at Faculty of Science in Zagreb, and she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in molecular biology in Trieste, Italy. Her love for science started a long time ago and she always tried to transfer that love onto others through tutoring and various workshops. Her goal is to show that chemistry and biology are not that bad, let alone boring. With Natali’s help you will easily do stoichiometric calculations and redox equations, draw chemical compound structures, and many other things which will help you solve your standardized tests. You will be getting a step by step guide through preparation and you will meet that exam day completely calm and ready for what is ahead of you.

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